It's a Mystery

Sunday, August 17, 2014

And you thought I'd forgotten about Mystery Mondays. Tut tut. Despite an alarming upturn in the humidity, I am here. Nonetheless, perhaps the weather is making me a little cranky: I am here, but I'm not telling you what mystery to request from the library. No, instead I admit to two (well one book and one series) that I've never been able to lose myself in.

A classic mystery novel that any aficionado should have polished off before you can say Hercule Poirot. Unfortunately, I've barely made it through 10%. Should I have persevered or was I right to decline The Moonstone? 

Dear Father Brown: why am I bored by you? Why does your priestly charm fail to win me over? Can a kind reader tell me which of your 50-odd short stories I should read if I'm to give you another chance?

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