With much warmth, welcome to Olive Reads! As the title implies, this is a blog devoted to the glorious art of reading.

I am a writer from Vancouver, Canada. Amongst the dew and ferns, I strive to take my readers on genial voyages through the glories of the written word.

If you are a newcomer to the Olive universe, don't hesitate at the door; step over the threshold. The tea is always on, the scones are warm and, here especially, the conversation bubbles over with reading delight.

And this is indeed about conversation! Reading can be rather solitary (those blessedly so at times) but that doesn't mean we can't emerge from the pages from time to time for a chat over our old favourites, our new finds, and the simple wonder of a perfect sentence.

So read on, my fellow wanderers in the written world! I cannot wait for you to join me.

P.S. Want me to review a book? Trot over to my contact page for my mailing address.

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