Literary Heroes

Sunday, April 22, 2012

If you had seen Olive's Facebook page this week, you would have noticed that she was madly engaged in one pursuit: entering the Chapters Indigo "My Fictional Hero" contest. Fifty "literary heroes" were nominated the first week of the contest -- characters who inspired readers for one reason or another -- with the characters slowly being whittled down week by week. Olive was sorry to see Bertie Wooster fall back, but she is still cheering on a fighting Anne Shirley.

Aside from her fevered wish to win the fifty books that Chapters Indigo is offering as a prize (where they will go she doesn't know), Olive was intrigued by this idea of a literary hero. Who would you vote for? Someone like Bilbo Baggins who forged on through Middle Earth despite his diminutive size? Maybe you admire the moral strength of Atticus Finch? Or perhaps the quiet resilience and loyalty of Jane Eyre? (Olive voted for all three, in fact.)

Let's have our own vote, shall we? Tell me who your literary hero is, and why!

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